Most Recent Sightings Report
Killer whales continue to be sighted between Green Cape and Montague Island. As far as we can tell there are at least three but possibly as many as four pods of killer whales moving through the area. The most recent sighting was this morning off South Head, Eden. Included amongst these orca sightings are two re-sights from previous records in The Australian Orca Database.



A sighting of killer whales off Narooma..we have just done a preliminary scan of fin images from the sighting and can confirm that 'Split Fin' and her pod were present with what looks like another pod who are yet to be identified. This makes a total of 12 sightings of Split Fin over 15 years, ranging from Hobart, Tasmania to Jervis Bay, New South Wales.
The first entry into the newly formatted Australian Orca Database. AOD 0001 is an adult male that was first sighted near Montague Island in New South Wales in 2003 as a solitary animal.
See photo in AOD folder.
News from Australian Orca Database. Margie and Courtney have been very busy sorting data and images and we are happy to say that our first official individual orca has been entered into a formal database format. This marks the commencement of the first official study of killer whales in Australia.
Report of between 5 and 8 orcas sighted in Great Taylors Bay near Bruny Island in southern Tasmania. The report came from salmon farmer Tom Brown last Monday April 21st.


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