Photo Gallery
“Split Fin” in Twofold Bay 1996
“Split Fin” in Port Phillip, Victoria 2005
“Slice Fin” off Torquay, Victoria 2009
“Reverse Fin” off Eden 2008

“Groovey” near Montague Island, N.S.W 2006

“Groovey” near Eden, N.S.W 2010
“Crooked Fin”, Narooma, N.S.W 2009
“Crooked Fin”, Narooma, N.S.W 2009

Rare sighting of killer whales off Coolangatta, Queensland, 2009

Researchers with a large male at sunset, 2008
Large male silhouette
A rare sighting of more than 20 Antarctic Type C killer whales off Eden in April 2008. Note the angled eye patch and prominent dorsal cape.
Re-sighting of Split Fin in Eden Oct 2009
Single killer whale harrassing two sub-adult humpback whales near Montague Island.

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