(AOD) was founded in 2009. Formally known as the “Southern Ocean Orca Database” (established in 1994), the AOD strives to build a better understanding of Australia’s top level predator…The killer whale (Orcinus orca).
Due to the transient nature of Australia’s killer whale population, the Australian Orca Database
relies on sightings information and images donated by charter operators, the fishing community
and the general public. Using these donations of data and imagery, it is the aim of the AOD to
attempt to build a database that will assist in determining;


  • a population estimate for killer whales in Australian Territorial waters,
  • pod fidelity,
  • identify killer whale “hot spots”,
  • movement/migration trends,
  • and raise the profile of the species in Australia.

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can be contributed by downloading and filling in the AOD sightings datasheet. Download sightings datasheet here
Completed sightings sheets and images can be sent to; ddonnelly6@yahoo.com.au

Australian Orca Database